Which Wotlk Private Server Should You Play On?

Which Wotlk Private Server should you play on?

There is a lot of different Wrath of the Lich King Private Servers to choose between. Because of that, it can be hard to know which server actually suits you. Our article will however help you discover the best ones.

The most popular Wotlk Private Servers is definitely Warmane. UA-7.COM has many different 3.3.5 realms, but their realm called “Icecrown” is the most populated one. Warmane is also the largest Wotlk private server in the whole market, making it an obvious choice if you wish to play on a populated server. Warmane is however known to be pay-2-win, so keep that in mind before choosing it.

If you’re into Wotlk Private Servers with more focus on being pure blizzlike, without pay 2 win concepts, and such, you can consider Dalaran-WoW. They are known for being a pure blizzlike WotLK server, with a small twist. It has been online for many years and is known as being very stable. The population of Dalaran-WoW is however much lower than Warmane, but they have no pay-to-win concept and no cash-shop in general.

Dalaran-WoW considers themselves as the best Wotlk Private Server, and they run on blizzlike rates (1x) and has a lot of scripted dungeons and raids.

These two servers, Warmane and Dalaran-WoW, are like day-and-night, but yet we consider them as obvious choices for your next Wrath of the Lich King path. In general, Wotlk is a popular expansion, and because of that, there are a lot of 3.3.5 servers to choose between. But we recommend Warmane if you’re into the high population – and don’t mind higher rates and cash shop. If you however prefer pure blizzlike rates (1X) – and no cash shop, then go for Dalaran-WoW.